14 November 2018

When it comes to the exhilaration of feeling the breeze, and the satisfaction of a job well done, David Adams and Riaan Loubser know all about it. With the help of Almond Breeze protein shakes and a lot of grit and determination, Team Almond Breeze completed the 186km FNB Wines2Whales 3-day mountain bike challenge that took place between 26 October and 4 November 2018.

“We didn’t cross the finish line first, but we were really proud to be awarded the trophy for perseverance and were welcomed by cheers and standing ovation from supporters when we finished on day two after challenging mechanical issues,” Adams said. The race is a real test of the bikers’ skills, but it is not all hard work. The route meanders through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Western Cape, with a string of private farms, wineries, majestic mountains and historic roads each adding their own challenge to the world-class race.

“The weather added an extra challenge of its own and we could certainly #FeeltheBreeze,” Adams said. There was a storm warning after the 69km first stage, and in the early hours of the morning the area at Oak Valley where the tents were pitched had to be evacuated.

“We were able to catch some sleep in a local school classroom, and I will never forget the faces of the kids when they arrived next morning to find their classroom invaded by cyclists!” he laughed.

The rain did not let up, and the second stage was shortened to 45km and was declared not compulsory.

That was not going to stop Team Almond Breeze, and the guys joined some other crazy cyclists and set out through thick mud and rain. Nothing derailed their enthusiasm, not even the snapping of Loubser’s gear. Instead of turning back to the nearby water point and giving the bike in to be fixed, Team Almond Breeze decided that this was the moment to take a heroic stand. After trying a number of MacGyver fixes, they ended up tying their bikes together with an inner tube, and with a combination of kicking pedals and towing, made their way to the day’s finish line to a standing ovation from their fellow cyclysts and earning them an award for perseverance.

“We really needed our Almond Breeze protein shakes that evening,” Loubser said. “Without them, I am not sure that we would have had the energy to continue.” But continue they did, through the spectacular scenery of the Hemel and Aarde Valley and some steep climbs which called for careful planning. Seventy kilometres later, they arrived at the Marine Hotel in Hermanus – tired, a bit bruised but determined to enter again next year.

“Wines2Whales 2018 was certainly a massive challenge – but the opportunity to push yourself through challenges as a team, and still be able to relax in the evening with a beer and make some new friends, is what makes it an exceptional event,” Adams said.

“Watch this space! Team Almond Breeze will achieve more success in the future!”

Well done guys, we are proud of you.

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