Pancake, Flapjack or Crêpe!

24 February 2020

Call them what you may – one thing is for certain… By Adding Almond Breeze Unsweetened as your Dairy Free Alternative into this recipe will make your delicious treat extra special and SUPER YUMMY! 

So let’s get started with some menu ideas for all you Fabulous Foodies!

As a light snack on the go – Why not add a mix of your favourite peppers as a topping? Get the healthy crunch of the peppers with the soft velvety sponge of the Pancake. Does that not just sound amazing!

Now let’s talk dinner!

Take a healthy helping of Bolognese or some Curried Soy or Beef Mince, top with Apricot Jam and put on top of your Pancake and Enjoy!A comforting warm savoury treat

How about a Desert Treat instead? Substitute the Almond Breeze Unsweetened for the Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened in your recipe and top with your favourite fruit – Quick and Easy and may I just add… super delish!

And Viola!, a Pancake for Every Dish!

Why not head over to our Recipe Page to see how easy and simple it is to make your Pancakes with Almond Breeze!

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