Make 2019 the Year of Success!

17 January 2019


Did you know that the 17th of January is ‘Ditch your New Year Resolutions Day’? It’s a fact that most people start each new year with grand plans, but according to studies 40% give up during January, and only 14% actually achieve their resolutions.

Claire Calvert, Senior Coach at Kelfit Lifestyle, and Almond Breeze ambassador knows how to turn that statistic around.

“I do believe in New Year’s resolutions! Goals are important to have at any time of the year, they give us something to work towards. The problem is we become so obsessed with that final goal that we forget to recognise the daily goals we are making.”

“Change does not happen overnight, you need to give yourself time, you need to allow for balance and you need to recognise the behaviour changes you are making daily.”

“It’s these behaviour changes – such as using Almond Breeze Almond Milk in your smoothies instead of dairy – that are going to set you up for long-term health and wellness.”

Kelly Stegen, Owner and Head Coach at Kelfit Lifestyle and Almond Breeze ambassador agrees.

“I really like the fact that at the start of each year you have a fresh, clean slate to make new resolutions and goals.”



“Remember if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, it’s a marathon NOT a sprint – fad and crash diets do not work and they can even ruin your metabolism for life!”

“If your goal is to lose weight, lose it slowly – 500g to 1kg a week is a great target. Make it a way of life and get the whole family involved.”

“Don’t force yourself to go to gym if you don’t like gym. Find something you enjoy doing whether it’s Zumba, walking, running, cycling or even canoeing – pursue what you enjoy. Losing weight should be fun, not torture.”

“Take the stairs instead of using the lift and park your car further away instead of looking for a parking bay that is closer to the entrance. These are small yet significant changes you can make to help lead a healthier life.”



“Get yourself a good qualified coach to work out a diet and training plan for you. It’s an investment in yourself. Also remember that eating healthy is an investment into your long term health.”

And you know how they say that NOTHING tastes as good as what being in shape FEELS! Well, yes, it is true. But getting in shape tastes really good too when you are substituting your milk with Almond Breeze!

Kelly Stegen and Claire Calvert from Kelfit Lifestyle
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