Leading by example

23 April 2019
Dr. Aadil Khan

Creating awareness around health is a subject that is close to my heart as a doctor and as someone who advocates living a healthy lifestyle.


Health is a human right. Everyone has the right to access quality health services when and where they need them.


The importance of living a healthy lifestyle has increasingly become a topic of discussion due to global epidemics such as obesity. Some of the potential benefits associated with leading a healthy lifestyle are:

– Disease prevention

– Increased lifespan

– Good mental health

– Increased happiness

– Boosts self-confidence and self esteem


According to the Centres for Disease Control, childhood obesity rates are skyrocketing with increased risk of remaining obese in adulthood. Added importance has been placed on kids to start leading a healthy lifestyle which includes eating nutritious meals as well as getting plenty of exercise and adequate sleep every day. These positive health habits will help children grow strong and stay healthy.


It is up to us to make the decision to start living a healthier lifestyle so that we can set a good example for our kids.


Dr. Khan’s Tips For A Healthier You:

       1. Healthy Eating

  • – Eat more fruit and vegetables. Fruit contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals. Bright coloured fruit and vegetables aren’t just pretty, they’re also high in antioxidants. Switch to a non-dairy alternative like Almond Breeze Almond Milk. Almond Breeze is a plant based dairy alternative that is lactose and cholesterol free. It is a good source of calcium and vitamin A, D and E. The Unsweetened variants are suitable for diabetics and can assist in weight management due to its low kilojoules.


  • – Cut down on processed foods. With added preservatives, the nutritional value is all but lost when making processed food. Try to find a fresher alternative to processed food.


  • – Reduce your consumption of sodium. Adults should try to limit their salt intake to about five grams per day.


  • – Drink MORE water. Most of us are only drinking a few glasses a day. Well I’m here to tell you that that’s not enough. Over 70% of the body is made up of water. Studies show that drinking more water helps to fill the stomach, making you feel less hungry and less likely to overeat. Considering the climate and physical activity one should consume on average 2-3 litres of water per day.


       2. Physical Activity

  •  – Exercise regularly. Moderate to vigorous intense activity for approximately 30 minutes per day at least 5 times a week. Daily exercise has been shown to lower the risk of disease and can assist with weight management.


      3. Get More Sleep

  •  – Lack of sleep causes premature aging – nobody wants that! Staying awake also increases the risk of snacking on junk food. Listening to a podcast or reading a chapter of a book can help you fall asleep. Once you get the ritual going your body will develop a natural sleep-wake cycle.



Following just a few of these tips will help you lead a healthier lifestyle and set a good example to your family.

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