Kitchen talk with Chef Claire Allen on Purtassi

20 October 2017

When I first started cooking I loved getting creative in the kitchen, but I didn’t realise just how creative I’d need to be once I started working with different clients. I love every minute but what is even more enjoyable is how much I learn. Every day I learn about the ingredients I cook with and about the different places, people and cultures I prepare food for.

I was very excited to work with Almond Breeze Almond Milk to develop recipes for Purtassi 2017. Lately, some of my clients have been shifting from consuming dairy to healthier dairy alternatives which means I often have to develop recipes that cater to their needs while not compromising on taste. When I develop dairy-free recipes I don’t necessarily want to reinvent the wheel, which is why I love using Almond Breeze; it allows me to cook old favourites easily.

Chickpea Fritters
Chickpea Fritters


Purtassi is a period of observance in which Hindus abstain from eating meat, fish, eggs and any intoxicants. We wanted to show that vegetarian dishes can be delicious, fun and easy to make, so together with bloggers Miss Dhanusha and InstaEats we developed five recipes that are perfect for the month of Purtassi.

AB_Vegan Palak Paneer with tofu
Vegan Palak Paneer with Tofu
Almond Milk Curry


With my cooking experience and Dhanusha’s knowledge of Purtassi favourites, it was such fun creating, experimenting, cooking and tasting these delicious dairy and meat free dishes. AND we received incredible feedback on the recipes and #AlmondBreezeSAPurtassi campaign.

Gulgulas (mini donuts)
AB_Sweet rice pudding with pistachio crumble
Sweet Rice Pudding with Pistachio Crumble


If you want to try these delicious recipes find them on

I am always looking for new recipes so please do share your recipes with me.

Happy cooking!

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