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17 December 2015

How is Almond Breeze different to the rest of the almond milk category?

Almond Breeze® has been successful for over a decade internationally and is the world’s market leader in almond milk. Global focus groups discovered that milk consumers switched to Almond Breeze as it combines delicious taste with a number of health benefits. It is also a product that can be easily incorporated into your everyday diet e.g. Almond Breeze® can be used in cereals, smoothies, coffee and even in baking.

The almond milk and alternative category is growing rapidly. Are you comfortable with putting South African farmers out of business?

Almond Breeze® is probably not going to replace milk in most consumer households. What we have found is that Almond Breeze® is part of a portfolio of products in most consumer’s households and is used on certain occasions or in certain meals. In reality, Almond Breeze® will take up a very small percentage of the South African milk category and is unlikely to have an impact on the sustainability of South African dairy farmers. Almond Breeze® is proudly produced in Milnerton, Cape Town by Good Hope International Beverages (Pty) Ltd and, with the resulting creation of local employment, Almond Breeze® has shown its long term commitment to the South African market place.

A lot of health conscious people like to produce their own almond milk. What would you say to them so that they consider buying Almond Breeze?

Give Almond Breeze® a try. Like a lot of healthy foods, almond milk is a complex and time-consuming product to make. With Almond Breeze® we are offering a nutritious and tasty product that is very easy to incorporate into your daily diet. With its wide range of natural health benefits, Almond Breeze® makes managing your well-being easier and more convenient.

Is almond milk healthier than soy milk?

Almond milk is a great tasting alternative to milk with added health benefits which will be very appealing for some consumers.

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