17 December 2015

How should I store Almond Breeze®?

Unopened shelf-stable Almond Breeze® can be stored in your pantry unrefrigerated up until the “BEST BEFORE” date printed on top of the carton.  After opening, keep Almond Breeze® in the middle of your refrigerator to prevent possible freezing.  Avoid refrigerator door storage as it tends to have the biggest temperature change than any other part of the refrigerator.  Once opened, Almond Breeze® is perishable and will spoil if not refrigerated.

How soon should I use Almond Breeze® after I open it?

Almond Breeze® should be used within 5 days of opening.  Because Almond Breeze® does not contain preservatives, it is susceptible to spoilage after being opened for a prolonged period of time. Do not leave opened Almond Breeze® unrefrigerated for an extended period of time.  Storage at room temperature will shorten the shelf life and just like regular dairy milk, Almond Breeze® will spoil if left unrefrigerated for too long. Blue Diamond does not recommend trying to extend the “Use Before” time frame of Almond Breeze® as they are not able to guarantee the quality of the product beyond this recommended time frame.

Can I freeze Almond Breeze®?

No.  It is not recommended.  Freezing Almond Breeze® causes the product to separate irregularly and this greatly reduces the visual appearance and consistency of the product upon thawing.

When I opened my refrigerated Almond Breeze® and poured it into the glass, I found the product was curdled and separated.

If the product had no signs of spoilage and “Best Before” date was current, the degraded appearance could possibly be caused by improper storage conditions. For example, if the product was frozen, it may have broken down and separated in curdled pieces once thawed.

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