17 December 2015

Are Almond Breeze® products pasteurised?

Yes. Shelf-stable Almond Breeze® is produced via a UHT process. UHT or Ultra High Temperature eliminates all microorganisms to ensure the product is able to store at ambient temperature condition. This process is a closed process applying an Ultra High Temperature to achieve a commercially sterilised product and then packaged in a sterile container.

Are Blue Diamond almonds being processed with irradiation?


How do you make the Almond Breeze® so creamy without adding dairy ingredients?

Almonds contain a high content of good fat that gives a naturally creamy feel and texture. Blue Diamond has developed a product formula and manufacturing process that delivers a mild tasting product with a smooth and creamy texture.  Almond Breeze® is made with carefully selected almonds and the best quality ingredients which, when combined and processed in the proper ratios, results in a truly unique and great tasting product.

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