Gellan Gum

17 December 2015

What is gellan gum?

Gellan gum is formed by linking many individual sugar units into larger particles.  Nutritionally, gellan gum is considered a soluble fibre in both the US and EU.


How is gellan gum made?

It’s produced in sterile tanks under careful process control. Nutrients, including sugars, proteins and trace minerals are combined, then fermented to produce gellan gum.

Why do they call it a gum?

The term “gum” is used in the food industry to describe a category of ingredients that either thicken or gel water.

Why is gellan gum used in Almond Breeze?

Gellan gum is used extensively for suspension in beverages.  In Almond Breeze, it’s used to suspend calcium. When Almond Breeze is shaken, any settled calcium will be put back into suspension, held there by gellan gum.  Therefore, gellan gum in Almond Breeze enables the consumer to receive the amount of calcium promised on the label in every glass.

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