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17 December 2015

Is the vitamin D in your almond milk derived from plants or animals? (Some vitamin D comes from sheep/lanolin.)

The vitamin D used in Almond Breeze is derived from plant origin.

Do the Almond Breeze products share a production line with any non-vegan (honey/dairy milk/egg/meat/fish) products?

Yes, Almond Breeze is produced on the same production line as some dairy based products produced by us. However, Good Hope International Beverages has a state-of-the-art ‘Aseptic’ packaging facility with fully automated CIP (Cleaning in Place). ‘Aseptic’ packaging is what allows us to achieve a 9-12 month shelf life without the use of any preservatives. In essence, ‘Aseptic’ packaging implies that all equipment / packaging material / product must be free of any bacteria (germs) and microbiological organisms, let alone residues of the previous production batch…

Our CIP cycle consist of the following steps:

  1. Pre-Rinse with ‘grey’ water (from previous final rinse): 3 minutes at 15,000L per hour
  2. Caustic wash: 10 minutes at 82°C
  3. Intermediate rinse with clean water: 4 minutes at 15,000L per hour
  4. Acid wash: 10 minutes at 70°C
  5. Final rinse with clean water: 6 minutes at 15,000L per hour

Thus, it is not possible for any residues from the previous production batch to be present in any of our equipment after completion of a CIP cycle.
Then, before we can commence with the next production batch, there is an automated “Sterile Water Cycle”, where super-heated water (132°C) is circulated through all the equipment for a further 90 minutes. Accordingly, there is zero chance that any residues from the previous production batch can be present in any of our equipment by the time production of the next production batch commences, guaranteed.

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