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17 December 2015

Almond Breeze® has been very successful in the US and other markets, but why do you think the product will be popular in South Africa?

Almond Breeze® caters to people looking for a delicious and nutritious alternative to cow’s milk. Consumers worldwide are increasingly looking for more choices and Almond Breeze is offering South Africans an alternative that has a wide range of natural health benefits, but also tastes good. Even though soy, rice, and other non-dairy milk alternatives are available in South Africa, market research has shown that there are some gaps in the market that Almond Breeze will fill.

Are you planning to introduce an organic version of Almond Breeze?

Blue Diamond is currently not planning to introduce an organic version of Almond Breeze®.

Are you planning to introduce any other flavours of Almond Breeze®?

Almond Breeze sells a variety of flavoured options internationally which may be introduced to consumers in South Africa at some point in the future.

Who is Blue Diamond?

Blue Diamond Growers is the world’s largest almond farmer’s cooperative. Founded in 1910, the Blue Diamond cooperative, also known as The Almond People, has over 100 years expertise in growing and harvesting almonds. Blue Diamond led the development of California’s almond industry from a minor domestic specialty crop to the world leader in almond production and marketing. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, over 3,000 growers deliver almonds annually to the cooperative.

Who is Good Hope International Beverages (GHIB)?

GHIB is a state of the art UHT manufacturing facility located in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. The product range includes Dewlands 100% Fruit Juices; the Good Hope Range of Soy beverages including Good Hope Regular, Unsweetened, SuperSoy (enriched) MA and Shakes.

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